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Washington, USA by Danny Seidman 

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Meet ./lp a reimagining of an old project of mine.
A month ago drewbiewan reminded me of a content management system that I had built 6 or so years ago called little penguin. It was a flat file CMS written in php.
I originally built little penguin as a way to build small, static websites, quickly and with as small of an imprint as possible. At the time, I was just being introduced to SQL and wasn’t comfortable enough with php or mysql to write a CMS using a database, so I used a single text file to store all of the web site data. It was a single serialized array, it was a mess. But users could log into an admin directly from the website, and add or edit content from a wysiwyg. It wasn’t beautiful but it worked. The original lp project taught me alot about php as a language, and really got me to where I am today.
Years later and I still use php as my main server side language but I have refined many of my techniques and processes. While I now have a strong understanding of databases, a database is not needed for every project. Especially smaller ones. Instead of a serialized text file, I decided to build the new version of little penguin on a json file.
The new version, which I’m calling ./lp is quite different, but it is still built on the principles of the original project. Instead of an admin accessible via the browser, I opted for a command line interface. I’m sure this may turn off a wider user base but, “I do what I want!” And OMG it will be restful, you can get, post, put(set for now), and delete objects. While a basic framework is provided out of the box the object structure can be completely customized. 
./lp is still in the beginning stages but I like where its headed, I’ll post updates and let you know when its released. :)

by hildebjorg66 by on Flickr.

How else could I have arranged this foursome in the sewer?
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Reine, Norway | Andrey Chabrov

hi tumblr, none of you live near me but whats there to do tonight?

I have to wear a suit and tie next week for a meeting in DC and my shit doesnt fit…